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2021 Business Challenge $1,000 Grant Recipient

Andy Bartell

Owner/Founder, On Par Engraving

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"Business right now is going really well, and I owe so much thanks to the Sheboygan County EDC and this program for my success!"

On Par Engraving creates made-to-order, custom golf course memorabilia for any golf course in the world. Using a combination of digital computer design software, industrial lasers, and woodworking techniques, On Par Engraving creates customer-driven artwork with precision, hand-crafted sale representation of each course. 

On Par Engraving

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On Par Engraving was the combination of Andy's lifelong career as a professional cartographer, his love for woodworking, and his passion for the sport of golf.

The first idea for creating the products that On Par Engraving sells today started in 2018. Andy was conversing with a friend struggling to find something to get his dad for Father's Day. "His dad is an avid golfer," said Andy, "and he was looking for something unique, special, and custom for his dad. From there, I started working on the prototype!"

"I'm passionate about On Par Engraving because I love creating something unique, custom, and personalized for each customer," said Andy. "Talking to each customer and learning what is going to make their order sentimental, unique, and a gift to last a lifetime is really what makes this a phenomenal business for me." 

Now, On Par Engraving has customers and has created artwork for golf courses worldwide. Andy hopes to continue expanding his reach and one day become the world's premier source for custom golf course memorabilia.

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How did the Accelerate Business Challenge help?

The Accelerate 2021 pitch competition forced Andy to take the business plan he had put together and put everything he had into convincing the panel that his product was the best. "I am absolutely confident that my product is the best custom golf gift available anywhere," Andy said, "and talking about my product and sharing my passion with others is something I always look forward to. Sharing this passion with the panel during this competition was no different!"

On Par Engraving was looking to expand its operations after completing the competition. Part of this major expansion was to purchase a large industrial laser that cost over $12,000. The machine would allow them to cut a significant portion of their overhead down and produce products in-house, as opposed to paying a third party. Andy used the money he won to make the first few payments on this new expansion!

Looking back on his experience with the Accelerate Business Challenge, Andy is grateful for what he learned. "This experience has taught me to make a plan," he said. "Even if the plan doesn't work (which it won't), just having that plan to look at is critical to staying focused. The worst that can happen is you'll fail— but if you have a plan, you'll know what to do next."

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