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2022 Winners

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Dan TenNapel

CEO, Nature Packaged

 $10,000 Pitch Competition Winner

Natured Packaged is a farm-direct company that aims to connect customers with the stories behind its natural products. The business works with farms worldwide to source pure, high-quality natural products and make these small farms known to our customers.

Tyler Rezachek

Owner/Founder, AntiMussel

$1000 + $250 Pitch Competition Second Place and Peoples Choice Winner

$1000  AccelSC Technical Assistance Grant Recipient 


Tyler's goal with AntiMussel is to remove zebra mussels from water bodies and repurpose their shells into calcium carbonate. This versatile substance is a key ingredient in the production of several items such as paper, paints, plastics, and chalk.

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Dr. Alloy Tauscheck

Owner/Founder, Tau's Skincare LLC

$1,000 AccelSC Technical Assistance Grant Recipient  

Tau's Skincare offers a range of shampoos, conditioning shampoos, and face and body washes that are completely free of fragrance, parabens, betaines, sulfates, formaldehyde, and other harmful ingredients. These products are mild, gentle, and safe to use and have been extensively tested in labs and on subjects to ensure they do not cause contact allergic dermatitis.

“AccelSC is an innovative powerful means to support local entrepreneurs. It is not only beneficial to networking with other entrepreneurs but it’s fun." 

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