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2023 Winners


Deanne Herber

Kids In Combat Boots

 $6,000 Pitch Competition Winner

$1,000 from WBD

Kids in Combat Boots is a website and program that serves as a virtual home for those who have faced hardships due to the service. It provides a platform for individuals to share their stories, connect with others who have similar experiences, and receive recognition for their service. Through this website, children who experience frequent displacement and struggle with their identity can share their experiences with others who understand.

Michaela Heling

Protean Footwear

$2,500 from AccelSC

$500 from WBD


Protean Footwear has developed a solution for athletes who need to carry different types of shoes to be prepared for various field conditions. Their patent-pending technology allows for interchangeable soles, enabling athletes to easily change out the soles of their shoes to match the playing surface. This means that instead of carrying multiple pairs of shoes, they can now carry just one pair, making it more convenient for their needs.

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